I’ve noticed that the human mind can be as pleasant and supporting as a prospering green pasture on one hand, and It also has the capacity to be a mental jail cell. A mental space with recurring thoughts and patterns that seem to leave you with the same outlook. Our minds can either work with our potential or against it based on our experiences but conclude with how we train it. 

One of the greatest freedoms is being free from yourself … (and your mental bondage). The greatest transformations occur at the moment when ignorance no longer casts a shade over a persons identity. We can be our own worst enemy if we allow it to happen. Music is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to extend positivity. As it can unite the human race, speak to the heart, soul, and body causing a response, as well as literally change someone’s life in a moment. I believe that the resource of words, rhetoric, and music is more valuable than Gold. When I’m down it brings me up, when I’m wrong it enlightens me with tools and a  mindset to make things right and when I frown it reminds me of the warmth feeling of a smile.

I pray that as you listen to the music that was put into my heart to share, it reminds you of you. How valuable and filled with purpose you are. To feel loved, and connected to or wanting to be connected to the one who formed our hearts. I encourage us always to; Renew the mind. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s why my message is to change the way you think so you can be free from yourself. Allow yourself to be regenerated again, taught new ways of thinking and to replace anything in our minds that is working against our potential and replace it with truth.